2022 Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium

The Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium is a forum for professors, postdocs, graduate students and other researchers in Georgia to meet in an informal setting, to exchange ideas, and to highlight local scientific computing research. The symposium has been held every year since 2009 and is open to the entire research community. The format of the day-long symposium is a set of invited presentations, lightening talks, and plenty of time to network with other attendees.

Below you will find a detailed schedule of the symposium and lightening talks.

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Contact one of the organizers for more information as needed:

Invited Speakers

  Spencer Bryngelson      
Georgia Tech
    Hannah Choi
Georgia Tech
Weiwei Hu
University of Georgia
  Yi Jiang
Georgia State University
Barry Peyton
Dalton State College
  Andrey Shilnikov
Georgia State University
Alessandro Veneziani
Emory University


Time     Activity
9:00     Continental breakfast (CULC102)
9:25     Opening remarks
9:30     IP: Yi Jiang
10:05     IP: Hannah Choi
10:40     Break (CULC102)
11:00     Lightning talks I
12:00     Lunch (CULC102)
1:15     IP: Weiwi Hu
1:50     IP: Spencer Bryngelson
2:25     IP: Alessandro Veneziani
3:00     Break (CULC102)
3:30     IP: Barry Peyton
4:05     IP: Andrey Shilnikov
4:40     Short Break
4:50     Lightening talks II
5:30     Adjourn
6:00     Optional No-Host Dinner

Lightening Talk Schedule

Invited Speaker Talks and Abstracts

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