Computational Resources

The group maintains several local servers and access to supercomputers and quantum computers around the country. This page gives a summary of the computing resources we marshal for our work.

In house

Group procured

We work with CRNCH, the Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies. CRNCH maintains the Rogues Gallery, a collection of (mostly) non-von Neumann systems. A full hardware list is held here. It includes Arm servers, FPGAs, RISC-V boards, the first RISC-V GPGPU (called Vortex), neuromorphic nodes, near-memory servers (like Pathfinder), and more.

PACE Phoenix

We maintain allocations on Georgia Tech’s Phoenix, a Top500 supercomputer managed by PACE. Phoenix houses a variety of CPU and GPU nodes. In December 2023, Phoenix housed just over 1000 CPU nodes and 100 GPU nodes.


GT ICE holds, at time of writing, about 50 GPU nodes and 100 CPU nodes of various flavors. The specific resources are listed here.

Outside resources

We maintain allocations on clusters and leadership class supercomputers around the country. This includes leadership-class DOE systems like

We use supercomputers at other university centers like

Quantum computers

We also work on quantum algorithms for solving scientific problems, often based on continuum physics. For this, we use quantum simulation (on the classical hardware above) and quantum computers from