Group openings

In the Computational Physics Group, you will work on the latest methods in computational science for pressing societal problems. Our work spans a broad range of

  • Technical advancements: Modeling, design, numerical methods, simulation, algorithms, high-performance computing, non-von Neumann emerging architectures (quantum, RISC-V and Arm, etc.)
  • Application areas: Biology, medicine, and therapies, defense, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, and flight, solid mechanics, hydrodynamics, energy

Check out our papers to learn more.

We are always hiring determined new group members.

If you are interested in joining the group, what to do next depends on who you are:

I am interested in a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech

Excellent. In this case, you have two options:

  1. Apply for the CSE Ph.D. program. If you do this, place my name in your faculty preference list (you get to pick two faculty). If this is you, I recommend not emailing me, since I will see you application regardless. Feel free to email me if you have a special circumstance that was not in your application, but you would like me know about or consider. However, I encourage you to include all relevant details in the application itself for transparency purposes.

  2. Apply for a Ph.D. in a program where CSE has a home unit, like Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering. If you do this and are interested in working with me, send me an email indicating the program you applied to, CV, and transcripts.

If you are on the fence, I recommend applying for the CSE program, which is remarkably flexible regarding advising and course work.

I am already a Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech

Fill out this form then send Spencer an email. Include your current degree program, your year in that program, why you are interested in our group, your CV, current transcripts, and previous advisor(s).

I am interested in an M.S. from Georgia Tech

I am not currently accepting Master’s (M.S.) students or applications, from GT or elsewhere.

I am an M.S. student at Georgia Tech

If you are interested in a Georgia Tech Ph.D., follow the instructions under “I am already a Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech.” Otherwise, see “I am interested in an M.S. from Georgia Tech.”

I am, or am about to be, an undergraduate at Georgia Tech

The group has had numerous undergraduate researchers since we started at Georgia Tech. Many have published great work and I am very proud of what they have accomplished. Continuing in this spirit, I am always open to working with keen undergraduate students.

  • If you have two years or more remaining in your degree program, fill out this form then send Spencer an email indicating your matriculation year/semester, degree program, CV, transcripts, and what about the group you are interested in. Be as specific as possible.
  • Note that I do not start new projects with undergraduates with less than two years remaining in their degree programs. The reason: There is unlikely to be enough time for you to fully own and complete a project.