Nano-scale transistors fill warehouse-scale supercomputers, yet their performance still constrains development of the jets that defend us, the medical therapies our lives depend upon, and the renewable energy sources that will power our generation into the next. We are the Computational Physics Group at Georgia Tech CSE and we develop state-of-the-art computational models and numerical methods to push these applications forward. Our open-source scientific software utilizes these methods and scales to the world’s largest CPU- and GPU-based supercomputers. Check out the links above to learn more, or visit this page if you’re interested in joining our group.

Examples of our work

Bubble cavitation can ablate kidney stones, but wreaks havoc on marine propellers. We developed a sub-grid method for simulating this phenomenon. It uses a hybrid quadrature method of moments scheme to close the governing equations at low cost. MFC, our open-source multi-phase flow solver, demonstrates this method. MFC is also capable of fully-resolved multi-phase fluid dynamics via the diffuse-interface method.

The spectral boundary integral method leads to high-fidelity prediction and analysis of blood cells transitioning to chaos in a microfluidic device (above). We developed a low-order model for the cell-scale flow, important for guiding microfluidic device design and improving treatment outcomes.

PI: Spencer Bryngelson
Assistant Professor
College of Computing, CSE
Georgia Tech


22 November, 2022 CPG attended APS DFD! Were on 10 abstracts in one way or another. Spencer had particular fun chairing the quantum computing session (standing room only!), where Fatima gave an excellent talk.

18 November, 2022 Ajay Bati pushes the first public release of roseNNa, a fast, portable, and minimally-intrusive neural network inference library for use with Fortran and C.

15 November, 2022 We are at SC22 where Anand and Henry are presenting their work! Here’s a nice photo of us.

13 October, 2022 We posted our preprint on a spectral method for electrodynamic flows in drops on the arXiv! Awesome outcome from a collaboration with Hossein and Prof. David Saintillan at UCSD (who has the coolest website subdomain).

12 October, 2022 SHB gave talks at GT Aero and GT Applied and Computational Math. Thanks to Professors Cristina Riso and Wenjing Liao for the invitations!

20 September, 2022 Preprint on application performance on ARM+GPU supercomputers submitted and posted on the arXiv! Anand and Henry contributed the MFC portion.

24 August, 2022 NVIDIA awards the group four BlueField2 DPUs!

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